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15 Scarily Easy Halloween Treats

Your Halloween party deserves a feast of the most gruesome, frightening foods one could possibly come up with.

Unfortunately, we could only find 15 recipes that are mildly creepy and plenty cute. What we can say with confidence, though, is that however scary or adorable you may find these recipes – they’re impossible to resist.

There are no tricks here, just easy to make treats that the whole family can enjoy!

Happy Halloween! 

Toffee Apple Twists

Use any chocolate you fancy for our manageable toffee apples. And throw on whatever topping you like too. We opted for pistachios, but hundreds and thousands and chocolate sprinkles certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

Gummy Worms

These jelly worms are pretty close to the real thing in size and texture. Have fun by getting people to touch them with their eyes closed and watching them freak out. Then, have even more fun by eating them all up!

Severed fingers

No fingers were harmed in the making of this recipe, just a bunch of frankfurters

Homemade Slime 

You can’t eat What’s Up Moms’ Halloween slime, but the kids will have hours of enjoyment running it through their fingers.


Would you just look at those little boo-nana faces… adorable! Er, we mean scary, very scary.

A simple and enjoyable recipe from Homemade By You.

Image: Homemade By You

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Halloween Jello Eyes

We’ve never bitten into an actual eyeball, but we’ve seen enough people do it on I’m A Celebrity to know My Cupcake Addictions’ jelly eyes are satisfactorily crunchy and gooey.

Scream Cheese Sandwiches

Healthy, vegetarian and as cute as a spooky skeleton can be, HGTV’s cheese sarnies are a must for any Halloween spread.

Image: HGTV

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Oreo Spider Webs 

You just knew Oreos were going to turn up somewhere on this list, and we weren’t about to disappoint. Delish’s recipe simply involves dipping chocolate (doubled-stuffed) Oreos in more chocolate and decorating each with a pretty spider web pattern. It’s so easy that you’ll be serving these up at every given opportunity.

Image: Delish

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Monster Toast

Think of the scariest possible monster face… Got one? Okay, now follow Food.com’s recipe and paint it on a slice of toast.

Image: Food.com

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Mummified Meatballs

Meatballs in tomato sauce are less treat and more full-blown meal, but we just had to include them. After seeing those little bandaged faces, how could we not?

Image: Tesco RealFood

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Spooky Spiders

These spooky spiders by Good Housekeeping are great for the kids to make themselves – you won’t even have to supervise them! For your benefit, the chocolate-covered marshmallow cookie that GH lists in the ingredients is simply a chocolate teacake. 

Image: Good Housekeeping

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Witch Hats

Making a batch of these witch hats can be a real family activity. Have someone put the icing on the biscuit, while another applies the Hershey kisses and you wait in the wings to eat them. Food.com suggests using fudge-striped shortbread cookies, but you could probably get away with any half-chocolate biccie.

Image: Food.com

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Monster Apples 

Everything about these monster apples is great. They look awesome, they’re healthy and you even get a little candy treat. HGTVs recipe can’t fail to disappoint.

Image: HGTV

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Some kiwis, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips or dried blueberries and a potato peeler are the only things you’ll need to make Two Healthy Kitchens' content looking franken-kiwis.

Image: Two Healthy Kitchens

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Baked Eyeball Eggs 

Halloween festivities should start the minute you wake up. And they should start with So How’s It Taste’s cheesy egg and potato casserole.

Image: So, How's It Taste?

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Dragon’s Blood Punch 

All of this food calls for a tall glass of Dragon’s Blood. Make a bowl for the kids and another with vodka and orange liqueur for the adults.

Image: Food Network

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Your Halloween party deserves a feast of the most gruesome, frightening foods one could possibly come up with. Unfortunately, we could only find 15 recipes that are mildly creepy and plenty cute!