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Espresso Maker 9 - Cup

  • Enabling you to brew delicious instant coffee at the drop of a hat, the Savisto Espresso maker coffee pot is a must-have product for anyone who needs a hit of caffeine to kick-start their morning.
  • The Savisto coffee pot is made out of food-grade aluminium. This rugged material is not only guaranteed to last, it also conducts heat well, resulting in a faster and hotter cup of coffee.
  • The handle of the coffee pot is made out of a rubberized polymer. This heat-resistant, man-made material enables the handle to be held even at high temperatures, ensuring safety during use.
  • The clever modular design and the fact all sections of the coffee pot are dishwasher-friendly allow it to be easily disassembled and cleaned between uses, so keeping hygienic is easy.
  • A long-lasting silicone gasket ensures efficient operation whilst eliminating the possibility of leaks, resulting in a superior cup of coffee time after time.

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