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Proworks Electronic Vortex Protein Shaker With Cyclone Mixer Blades - Pink
SKU : PW-1000-Z022

  • Make the process of making protein shakes and recovery drinks quick and easy. Our Proworks bottle features an automatic mixing function by making use of blades to create a high speed water cyclone.
  • Easy to press button activates the cyclone effect. One press to start it spinning and it'll keep spinning and mixing until you press the button again to stop it. Ideal for use with all sports and health powder nutrition supplements; the end result will be a smooth mixture.
  • The slimmer design makes it more portable and easier to carry around; whether you're going to the gym, fitness studio or the office.
  • Disassembles into 3 separate pieces making it dishwasher safe, or make use of the cyclone to clean the bottle; add some water & washing liquid, start the blade spinning and let it clean itself.
  • Features an easy to drink from spout; manufactured from BPA free plastic and fully leak proof seals, ensuring your drink stays inside your shaker at all times. Capacity (400ml / 2 Shakes)

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